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Summer Assignments

As part of Blair Christian Academy's commitment to helping students hit the ground running with the start of each new school year, we require that student complete grade appropriate reading and math assignments during their summer break.  The assignments are intended help students maintain their academic aptitude over the summer and serve as a refresher covering the lessons and skills they should have acquired during the preceding school year.

The summer assignment requirement applies to both returning students as well as new students entering the academy.  The assignments are due on the first day of the new school year.  Parents are encouraged to help their children allocate time during the summer months to spend working on the assignments.   The assignments are not huge time investment over a 10-week summer break.  However, completing the assigments on time does require a commitment on the part of both the parent and the student.   Students entering middle school (Grades 5 though 8) should be able to complete the assignments independently, but may need help from parents to purchase the reading books and being reminded to stay on task during their summer leisure time.

Reading Assignments Entering Grades K-8 (Click on Appropriate Grade) 

Students Entering Kindergarten: Reading

Students Entering 1st Grade:  Reading

Students Entering 2nd Grade: Reading | Math

Students Entering 3rd Grade: Reading | Math

Students Entering 4th Grade: Reading | Math

Students Entering 5th Grade: Reading | Math

Students Entering 6th Grade: Reading | Math

Students Entering 7th Grade: Reading | Math Lvl 1 | Math Lvl 2

Students Entering 8th Grade: Reading | Math

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