Educating Children from 12 months through 8th Grade

Blair Christian Academy


At Blair Christian Academy, we compel and encourage our students to strive for excellence, as they expand their knowledge, interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, spiritual strength, and unique talents. We continue to equip our students with a`motivation in order to effectively transition into high school, college and adulthood. Life skills are a key ingredient to developing the whole student. We emphasize personal integrity, honesty, compassion, faith, and community service. Our desire is to make a positive impact by touching the heart, developing the intellect, and guiding the character of each student who enters the doors of Blair Christian Academy.

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year

Information regarding the 2023-2024 school year will be updated here.

Upcoming dates to remember:

Tue, August 29, 2023 - Parent Orientation, @ 6:00 PM

Wed, August 30, 2023 - First Day of School for Preschool (Ages 1-4)

Thu, August 31, 2023 - First Day of the 2023-24 BCA School Year for K-8 Students

Fri, September 22, 2023 - BCA Back to School Night, 6:00 PM

About Blair Christian Academy

Blair Christian Academy does not discriminate based on gender, age, religion or creed, ethnicity or disability. Complaints of discrimination may be filed with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights, the DHS Bureau of Equal Opportunity (BEO) and/or the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC). Blair Christian Academy is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for employees/persons with a disability(e.g. hearing, speech, vision, mobility impairments).